ARCH 401 |Infinite Possibilities of Being Hybrid

In addition to the previous reading, we examined the status of being hybrid in the Step assignment. What is a hybrid? How many different hybrid situations are possible? What factors affect being hybrid? We have looked at questions like these to examine their potential to become hybrid.

“As you are exposed to new ideas and concepts from the readings, each student should select between one and three of the concepts and engage them in a creative and provocative way.
Your assignment is to produce with this is as follows:
• A textual transcription of the keyword you have identified with your own thoughts inserted and relevance to the studio elaborated. (This can be managed with multiple fonts,
graphic insertions, collages, color designations, etc.)
• A text/object by exhibiting your understanding of a single keyword with regards the manner in which you observe, analyze, manipulate and physically construct your thoughts
around. (This can be in any format and any medium. Ideas can be represented by drawings, collages, photographs, performances, animations, observations, models etc.)”

ARCH 401 : A Third Space: Neither Completely Urban nor Completely Biosphere / Saskia Sassen”

Within the scope of Arch401 course; We need to understand the global ecological problems and examine the ongoing architectural efforts towards this situation. Throughout this process, we are expected to design an ecology, architecture and design-oriented lexicon. This work, which will continue throughout the term, is called Eco_Lexicon. In detailing the ecological debate, the first assignment was to read from Climates: Architecture and Planetary Imagination. From these readings, we deduced keywords, terms, and themes. Our Section “A Third Space: Neither Completely Urban nor Completely Biosphere / Saskia Sassen”

Environmental Activism #CIT301

The growth of the changing and developing world with technology has led to the formation of a consumer world. Consumption societies, let alone replace what they get from nature; he consumed nature savagely. Each of us is a member of this new Earth and we are all so used to consuming. We did not realize how much we harmed nature while creating our own urban patterns and new cultures. Recently, we are consuming more than ever and harming nature more. Of course, today’s consumption is not the only reason for this damage. We have been using what nature has given us since we existed, but what we have used for a few centuries does not allow nature to repair itself. Nature cannot heal itself and is more alarming than ever. We are facing more environmental problems than ever before. Those who are aware of this situation aim to set up a set in this bad trend. At this point, we all meet with environmental activism. Environmental activism refers to the coming together of individuals and groups working in collaboration in social and scientific fields to address environmental problems. Many of us make environmental problems a concern and take individual action ourselves. However, with environmental activism, people started to share their individual awareness with other people. Thanks to this sharing, we have started to learn about environmental situations that are not a concern for us. This is really important. Because our daily problems become more important in the flow of life. However, above all, we need to be aware of our main problems. Our main problems are the problems that the whole Earth has. Problems such as an unusual storm in the Americas, drought in Africa, melting of glaciers in the Arctic and homelessness of many animals are actually our common and real problems. Environmental activism tries to focus us on these main issues we ignore; global environmental disasters. Environmental activism primarily creates individual awareness on individuals. Then it aims a systematic solution and seeks an international solution. Environmental activists have to be political because environmental problems, like everything else in the world we live in, are also political. Environmental activists must take great strides to create great change; like big demonstrations, protests and rhetoric. Perhaps the best known and the most talked about of these are the discourses and actions of Greta Thunberg, a young activist. I’m sure all of us who are interested in this post know him. Because Greta managed to attract our attention with her patience, determination and courage. In the period we live in, every step we take for our future must be courageous, determined and continuous. These are the basis of environmental activism. We can all be environmental activists. The principles we need to follow; to be environmentally conscious, social, participatory, determined and continuous.

The Whole World is My Home – Volunteering #CIT301

We are all born in nations we cannot choose, families we cannot choose, and even bodies we cannot choose. While these are advantages for some, it can turn into disadvantages for others. The important thing is to be able to recognize all these advantages and disadvantages correctly. We should be as concerned with their people and their lives as we are; We should not ignore the problems they are experiencing. Because sometimes our advantage can become a solution and opportunity to their problems. Or anything we don’t realize we have can be very precious to the person whose life we ​​touch. The first stage of being a volunteer is to be able to recognize these differences and to look for ways to help disadvantaged people. Volunteerism based on helping; one should not only focus on giving. Yes, it is essential to share what we have at the beginning, but then it turns into a process of giving-receiving. So much so that volunteering saves people from the heedlessness of thinking that they exist only for themselves. As a person shares, his existence also grows. It adds someone else’s experiences, pain, problems, and happiness to its inner journey. He adds every person or every living creature he helps to his life that he begins as a person. Throughout this entire process, he grows and learns to share. As the volunteer shares, the people they help share their World with him. So much so that there are many souls living in one body at the end. In his TEDX speech, Kamilla Sultanova defines volunteering as follows;

“The whole world is my home, volunteering gave me this.”  Don’t you think it’s beautiful too?

An Effective Non-Violent Communication #CIT301

Recently I attended the training given by Altuğ Coşkun on Nonviolent Communication. He first mentioned that human nature is unaware of violence. So much so that each of us comes to Earth with a clean page. Everything we learn is written on this page, and perhaps the most valuable of all is love. For example, we learn negative things along with good teachings; lovelessness and the violence that comes with it. It is a fact that violence has been taught to us from an early age like all other teachings. Witnessing violence; it causes us to normalize and then accept it. At the moment, we are exposed to or witness many situations that do not seem like violence to us or that we are unaware of. For this reason, perhaps each of us inflicts violence on others, whether intentionally or not. But is it really possible to see violence and gain awareness about it? Of course. First of all, we must observe the violence that is and is applied to ourselves. Asking the following questions to ourselves can ease this situation; Who am I? Am I satisfied with this situation? What do i want? Does the person I communicate with care about my thoughts and feelings? Questions we ask ourselves like these will help us perceive the situation.Then we have to show an outgoing attitude and empathize. Can the words and actions I use hurt the other person? Do I understand the other person? Can I set up epathy? Questions like these can help us better understand the other. It is important to understand the opposite because one of the first causes of violence is that we cannot look from the same perspective and see our own thoughts and feelings more important.

Everyone is unique. The wishes and feelings of the individual are also personal. When we have a problem with someone, we should not focus on the right or wrong situation and try to empathize. We have to think about how to solve the dispute or the problem. We should care equally on both sides of their feelings and desires. We must aim to be somewhere in the middle of the needs of the people in contact. For this, the first step is to know our own desires and try to understand the opposite. Observing their own interests in the process of solving the problem; cause manipulation. Manipulation, which we are often unaware of and is very common, is also a form of violence. One should not willingly interfere with the other’s thoughts, feelings and wishes. Because this is proof that we put our own wishes ahead. Without observation, communication can cause manipulation, even if it involves good intentions.

To summarize all of this, it is quite normal for people to get caught up in daily life. However, there are n stages of nonviolent communication, and nonviolent communication is possible with little effort. The first stage of nonviolent communication is to observe oneself and the environment correctly. The second stage is to understand feelings and thoughts and seek ways to empathize with people. The third stage is to turn to a common point and try to look from the same window. With all these, it is possible to establish an effective non-violent communication with the balance.

To Be A Human, To Become a World Citizen #CIT301

A citizen is a person who is part of the political institutions of a country. In constitutional countries, we need to be citizens of that country in order for those living in that country to enjoy the rights promised by the state. So why stick to these man-made limitations and artificiality? Each of us is subordinate to our own nations, but the more natural and more human to which we should depend is the world. It is necessary to think, worry and strive for all humanity beyond the man-made artificial boundaries. Having this idea allows us to be a citizen of the world, not a citizen of the nation. Hugh Evans defines being a world citizen in his TEDX speech as follows;

“Citizens of the world are people who struggle as a person belonging to the human race, not a member of a state, homeland or tribe.” Indeed, if there were no artificial thoughts of man that do not belong to the naturalness of the world, neither the borders of the country nor the borders in our own minds would exist. Those who managed to break these borders; Those who manage to feel sorry, rejoice, and strive on behalf of others are the ones who also manage to become citizens of the world. If there were more citizens of the world than there is; Problems such as poverty, hunger and gender inequality could be solved. All these problems ceased to be problems of a country, region or race. Why should a child’s achievement of the most basic human right to live in Africa be related to the region of his birth? Why would people collect valuable items from the dumps to live? Or, to give an example from our own country, why would a girl need the permission or support of others to go to school? All this, and of course more, is the result of a distorted and inhumane thinking that seeks to take advantage of man. The most developed and modern countries often owe this wealth and modernity to the gains from other countries. Is it possible to solve the consequences of this order with intermittent assistance? I think no. The thought we stand against and its system are so powerful that I cannot believe any discontinuous solution is real. A systematic and continuous method is needed to solve the problem. To set up this system, we need a three-step parameter. The first stage is personal development. One should define himself as a world citizen and aim to work towards him. In the second stage, these people should be organized among themselves; There should be many sounds, not just one sound. Because in these organizations, communication between people also succeeds to become a part of personal development. Man always learns something from someone else; shares experience. Being together is also a means of reaching more people and even participating in political stages. I also have to say this for this process. Of course there are those who prefer to be indifferent to what is happening around us or in the world. However, I am sure that people of conscience all over the world see the world’s problems as their own problems and want to help people in some way. However, most of these people do not know how to get this help or don’t believe that its help can change anything. Because each of us was born into that non-humane system that I was talking about and we did not witness the big problems solved. However, it is very important for such people to work systematically within an organization and to experience its results personally. Thus, they have motivation and knowledge. Finally, the problems of the whole world are not the kind of problems that a group of people can solve, unfortunately. For states and nations to participate in this process, organized citizens must be able to influence leaders. So even if the movement is regional, the system is international. Because it needs international dedication to create a change.

For insparation;

Activism Definition, How Do We Become Young Activists? #CIT301

Activism is often used and understood with the words protest and dissent. However, activism can find a place in many political directions. We can define activism as acting in order to express your thoughts and make a voice. For example, protesting or sharing the discomfort with the current situation by writing a petition are examples of activism. Although this is not a very new concept, its definition and understanding from the definition of persons is one of the gains of the new age. Activism is an action that people of all ages can participate in, and most importantly, it is a taught phenomenon. Individuals should be allowed to express their thoughts freely, especially in childhood. Thus, participatory and free citizens begin to exist from an early age. Displaying this type of behavior is an example of young activism. In his TEDX talk Moving Youth Towards Action and Activism, Sam Stevens talks about two reasons for youth activism;

“… obvius reason is that it helps other people where living in a community, a world community where there’s a lot of things that can be fixed through the work of youth.” The young activist spirit that Sam Stevens mentioned; It has a participatory, social and political citizen line. The young activist does not ignore the ongoing problems in society or life and gets involved.

In the continuation of his TEDX talk, Sam Stevents explains the other reason as self-empowerment. In fact, all of the characteristics that the young actist listed above should have are related to the level of individual empowerment of the person. Young activism prepares the ground for young people to have their own thoughts and, most importantly, to express them out loud. Therefore, children should be allowed to express themselves properly in their upbringing, and should be allowed to decide what to do and how. Because it is very important to be able to make decisions at a young age and to strengthen one’s own strength in becoming an individual. I think that young people who can express themselves and make a voice will become more determined and participatory individuals in the future. Moreover, it is much easier for the younger generation to access and share information than before. Another characteristic that a young activist should have is to be social. At this point, the young generation is able to be much more social with the benefits of the new age. We as the young generation; We are Twitter, Instagram, internet age people. We have ways to access information, share it, make a voice and grow. It is possible to be progressive with all these ways.

For example, in this way I can master many information that I cannot get from other media on my behalf. I can witness the problems that the whole world has, not only with my environment or my society. In fact, we are entitled not only to the social problems of people, but also to the real problems of the world. Behind the daily rush and constantly changing agendas, it is necessary to consider and be involved in the overlooked problems of the whole world. I want to end my article by giving you an example of my own activism movement and showing how easy activism is. A few years ago I came across the list of companies and brands that have experimented with animals. I have recorded the names of these companies that mostly produce cosmetic products. He then investigated what kind of experiments were done. I am sure that not all of us had a lot of opinion on this issue in the past. However, with a short research I realized how cruel and humane these experiments were. Another brand has been added to the list I have recorded every day and I have not been buying products from those brands for many years. I know that although they contain products I love very much, they are not more precious than a living thing’s life. I post in many social media platforms and try to prevent others like me from using these products. This is a form of activism that I watch myself. It is very easy not to turn a blind eye to the known, to protest and to share. So activism is also very easy.

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Arch 302 / Final Jury

End of an entire period, the Arch 302 Final Jury. We have come to the end of a very different experience for all of us. It was both a very difficult and a very developing process. We reached the end of the “Living Together” process.

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