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ARCH 481 | Precedent Analysis III

At the end of the semester we worked the last precedent which is Dandaji Mosque. Dandaji Mosque is located in Nigeria. The area of the project had a mosque in past. This mosque was reproduced into a library for Dandaji. Now, there are library and mosque in Dandaji İslam Compex. When Dandaji Mosque was building, environmental recorces and materials was used. Also the mosque has a quality like other Nigeria’s mosques. There is our final presentation, enjoy !

ECO_X | Risks

We analyzed Payas / Hatay within the scope of the Eco_X project. During the process, we determined that the site was degraded due to environmental factors. At the same time, the railway and stream around the land cause the land to be isolated. The railway and the stream create a rupture between this site and the city. Here are the collages we produced;

ARCH 401 |Infinite Possibilities of Being Hybrid

In addition to the previous reading, we examined the status of being hybrid in the Step assignment. What is a hybrid? How many different hybrid situations are possible? What factors affect being hybrid? We have looked at questions like these to examine their potential to become hybrid.

“As you are exposed to new ideas and concepts from the readings, each student should select between one and three of the concepts and engage them in a creative and provocative way.
Your assignment is to produce with this is as follows:
• A textual transcription of the keyword you have identified with your own thoughts inserted and relevance to the studio elaborated. (This can be managed with multiple fonts,
graphic insertions, collages, color designations, etc.)
• A text/object by exhibiting your understanding of a single keyword with regards the manner in which you observe, analyze, manipulate and physically construct your thoughts
around. (This can be in any format and any medium. Ideas can be represented by drawings, collages, photographs, performances, animations, observations, models etc.)”

ARCH 401 : A Third Space: Neither Completely Urban nor Completely Biosphere / Saskia Sassen”

Within the scope of Arch401 course; We need to understand the global ecological problems and examine the ongoing architectural efforts towards this situation. Throughout this process, we are expected to design an ecology, architecture and design-oriented lexicon. This work, which will continue throughout the term, is called Eco_Lexicon. In detailing the ecological debate, the first assignment was to read from Climates: Architecture and Planetary Imagination. From these readings, we deduced keywords, terms, and themes. Our Section “A Third Space: Neither Completely Urban nor Completely Biosphere / Saskia Sassen”